Accordionist, Pioneer Square Seattle
Woody Huff, Seattle
Photo Shoot Bomber, Westlake Park Seattle
Seattle Library Reflection
Kylie Jenner Ad, Seattle
Born Free, Capital Hill Seattle
BLM Cafe Signage, Settle
Skateboarder, Westlake Park Seattle
Pressure Washer, Pioneer Square Seattle
Ladder, Pioneer Square Seattle
Stadium and SoDo Train Station, Seattle
Jaguar Dealership Post Protest Repair
Smoke Break at SPD-YLM Battle
Pioneer Square Construction Site, Seattle
Fresh Tattoo, Pike Place Market
International District Mural, Seattle
Pioneer Square Mural, Seattle
Fourth Avenue Granite Reflection
Construction Site, International District Seattle
SoDo Train Station, Seattle
Skyline Reflection in Water, Pioneer Square Seattle
Street Lamp in Wildfire Smoke, Seattle
Construction Crane, Seattle
SoDo Train Station Stairwell, Seattle
Edmonds Washington Train Station
Fifth Avenue Church, Seattle
Skyscraper Reflection, Seattle

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Some of these recent shots will survive, most will be cast into a folder for a future set of eyes and perhaps a future project to curate.

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Jaguar Dealership Post Protest Repair