• Mark White

Warning to Shopkeepers: Your Mannequins Won't Survive a Revolution

If the aftermath of the May 30 George Floyd protests in Seattle are any indication, mannequins will not fare well in a revolution.

These images were taken the morning after the protest. The vast majority of protesters marched peacefully toward Interstate 5 to block traffic, but a few hundred were embedded at the corner of 5th and Pine when police began to shoot and toss tear gas canisters into the crowd.

In response, a small but active contingent in the crowd began to vandalize surrounding buildings. The vandalism continued into the evening, and by morning the results were spread out on the sidewalks for all to see.

The mannequins appeared to be specially targeted!

Mannequin on the morning after the May 30 George Floyd protests in Seattle.

Fallen mannequin and shattered glass in the aftermath of the May 30 protests in Seattle.
A passerby glances at a fallen mannequing the morning after the George Floyd protests in Seattle.

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