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Views from the SoDo Tracks

"SoDo"originally referred to the area "South of the Dome," but then they blew the (King)dome away. Now it's "South of Downtown," the historical heart and soul of the city's working class and industrial roots.

SoDo refers to much more than the tracks, but it's the tracks that I think of. when I think of SoDo. Shooting here is tricky, since the property is all private, railroad-owned land. I've been kicked off more than a few times. But it can be worth it if you can get enough shots in before you get caught.

Naive me. I was set up between two stationary trains when this cart appeared in my viewfinder. I thought, "Cool, I'll get a close up of this golf cart." This shot was taken moments before the "golf cart" would reach me and the driver, whose job it was to keep people like me clear of the tracks, would warn me that I was breaking the law.

I've found that wet, slightly overcast conditions (i.e., Seattle from November through June) are best for shooting the tracks. The rain enriches the surfaces of the cars and the diffuse lighting allows the iron and steel's distressed qualities to shine.

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Ok, I'll admit that the hulking, monochromatic battleship quality of the track's surroundings is not a bad look either.

My favorite. A late October, misty morning, with minimal lumens to light the way. A bit dark for most street shooting, but ideal for the out-of-focus effect of the skyline.

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