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The Space Needle and Smith Tower in the Smoke

View of Space Needle from the Father and Son sculture at Sculpture Park on the Seattle Waterfront.

On one of my evening in December 2018, I came across the Father and Son sculpture that sits at the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum's Sculpture Park on Seattle waterfront. It was late evening and the fountain in which the figures stand was in fuller force.

On Saturday morning, September 12, I returned to the site to see how the smoke was treating the view. As a point of reference, the Space Needle is just shy of a mile from the sculpture.

Here are a few more from my Saturday morning visit, all taken with my Olympus 40mm-150mm at f/22.

The Space Needle in the distance with the "Father" of the Father and Son sculpture.
The "Father" of the Father and Son sculpture on the Seattle Waterfront.

On Friday night, Sept 11, the first serious wave of smoke hit the city. It was still "light" enough (the smoke was early stages in building up in density) that the sun could be seen. I was on Yesler St., a road that climbs up to Capital Hill from downtown, which offers it a good vantage point for Puget Sound during sunset. I was on my way to deliver water to the inhabitants of the Treeline homeless encampment on Yesler that overlooks I5. I had my Fuji with a 16mm-55mm lens, so I wasn't especially prepared for these shots. I wasn't able to get the trees out of the foreground from that vantage, which was too bad. The sun falling behind the Smith Tower was pretty cool to look at in isolation.

When I arrived at the entrance to the encampment, there were a half dozen photographers taking over the street to capture the blood-red sun falling into Puget Sound. Instead of joining the crowd and capturing the sun in full, I delivered my water. and took a few shots of the skyline from the encampment.

When I returned to the street twenty minutes later, the sun was nearly hidden behind the tower.

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