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Street Shots from CHOP

Though I've recently fallen into doing some journalism and documentary work through Real Change's coverage of Black Lives Matter events, my true passion is street photography. In my normal cadence, I walk the streets with my cameras to capture what are otherwise "hidden" moments in the everyday world. These moments can often overlap with documentary work -- especially when much of the work I do focuses on the people living in the street. But I see street photography as its own art form that doesn't necessarily try to make sense of, or change, the world it captures.

I mentioned in my previous post on the CHOP barricades that I felt like a "tourist" each time I visited the occupation. Three visits is not nearly enough of an investment to truly get to know an area or its people.

So again, I want to emphasize that these shots were not taken to represent CHOP or the protesters who built and grew that community. These are street shots, plain and simple, taken while passing through on my tourist visa.

The steps leading down to Cal Anderson Park where the speeches and performers were staged. (June 18)

At the Seattle Police Department's precinct entrance. June 27.

Artist Brian Culpepper (@illustraudio) in his booth. (June 18)

Artist Brian Culpepper (@illustraudio)

Decolonization cafe, outside of Cal Anderson Park. (June 18)

Cal Anderson Park (June 18)

12th Avenue entrance to Seattle Police Department precinct (June 18)

Street artists outlining "CHOP" on Pine Street (June 18)

12th Street entrance to CHOP. (June 27)

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