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Squid, Scorpion & The King at Waterfront Park

News of natural forces causing a shift in Pier 58 and forcing a closure to the Waterfront Park for the next few years brought back a few images from my earlier walkabouts.

Until very recently, I hadn't walked past the pier much in the past year. Starting earlier this month, the Seattle waterfront has become a more regular part of my walkabout. A couple times a week. But with maybe 10% of the people that used to walk the streets -- locals and construction workers, mosely -- it's much more difficult for a guy with a camera to blend in.

So I don't have a lot of history with the pier, but here are a few images I can share from pre-Covid walkabouts in 2019, one in June and one in November.

King of the Pier. Seattle. 2019.

King of the Pier 2. Seattle. 2019.

Team Pride. Seattle. 2019.

I'm normally challenged to get street strangers to look my in the lens. This guy pulled me aside during an early morning walkabout in mid June 2019. It was about 8AM, we chitchatted about absolutely nothing, but chat we did. Definitely about nothing,. That was ok. He referred to himself as the "King of the Pier." I didn't doubt it for a second.

Daniel Gleason. Seattle. 2019.

The Scorpion Serpent of God, by the numerological virtue of his own numbers crunching of his 11/14/53 D.O.B. A Viet Nam vet. IBS. Daniel Gleason, Jr. Warming himself up in the early morning rays, gathering the energy to get to the VA Hospital on Beacon Hill, several miles away.

Squid Jig, Pier 58. Seattle. 2019

Just prior to meeting the Scorpion Serpent, I hung out a good part of the morning on pier 58 with a couple of dozen squid anglers. This skeleton jig was hand made by one of the anglers, Danny Tseng, a real estate agent by day who had a box of jigs that he was selling.

The squid generally move into Elliott Bay in October and November, and early morning before the sun gets too high is the time to fish for them. Pier 58 was one of the popular downtown spots for squid anglers. d

Squid anglers on Pier 58 November 2019.

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