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Seattle's May 30 George Floyd Protest: Images of the Morning After

All the rhetoric from Trump and right wingers about our cities on fire and the out-of-control violence and looting reminded me that I've never surfaced the images I took of the downtown Seattle core the morning following the May 30 riots.

As I've said many times on this blog, the hard-core vandalism didn't start until the police began shooting teargas canisters into the crowd without warning, and that the vast majority of protests attending the event were long gone by the time the vandals began their work.

Based on what I could see from my view in the middle of the protests, I'd say no more than a dozen or two were actually involved in the direct vandalism. But the damage they did seemed the work of multiples more.

It's easy to condemn this property destruction and looting; it's far more challenging to understand it.

Revisiting these three-month-old images in the context of Trump's non-stop "law and order" re-election gobbledygook -- while making little mention of the 180,000 Covid deaths on his watch and the massive, peaceful cries for racial justice -- has given me pause enough to think through this issue in greater depth.

I'll use this post and one more tomorrow as preface to a thought piece on property destruction and political protests. I'm a photographer, not a philosopher, so don't hold your breath for anything too insightful coming out of my keystrokes. But I want to understand my thinking on this issue, because regardless of who becomes our next president, this issue is not going away.

Stay tuned for all of that. In the meantime, just for fun, here are a few guys I met that morning who had a front row seat to the mess.

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