• Mark White

Nashville, Through a Cracked Mirror

It was June 2018. I set my camera up in front of a cracked side mirror that was attached to a backhoe on Broadway Ave in Nashville. Over the course of a few daylight hours, and again later in the evening, I snapped the shutter into that mirror to capture what I could capture.

Broadway is Nashville's night strip. Lots of tourists, party hounds, random people. The mirror gave me cover -- most people passing didn't realize I was after them.

My favorite captures were the disembodied. The mirror's crack was key to getting this effect.

I didn't lie when I said most people didn't notice what I was doing. But the bigger truth is that it seems that I may have gotten busted plenty of times.

I love the randomness of the captures. The out-of-context, surreal slices of life and relationships along the sidewalk.

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