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March of Silence - June 12

Sixty thousand, according to the Seattle Times. Eighty-five thousand is what the New York Times estimated. Whatever the final number of those who marched, it was an amazing and powerful event. At one point along the route, I stopped for nearly two hours capturing marchers as they passed, and the rain be damned, the line was still moving.

I don't have much to say. From a photography perspective, it was my most memorable event. I learned a few lessons from the George Floyd Protest and We Want to Live Rally and March, and everything seemed to click for me.

I kept things simple by shooting with my Fuji and its 50mm equivalent prime, and my Olympus and its 90mm equivalent portrait lens. It was a perfect combination of focal lengths for me.

For a long stretch of the march, I was on knees in the middle of the route as the thousands of marchers navigated their way around me. The 45mm gave me ideal compositions of face, signs and sky.

At a certain point I shot through some greenery -- a lush effect that I really liked. But I seemed to be getting paranoid stares from marchers. Why was this dude hiding behind the bushes pointing his camera at me?

The literal silence of the march -- no music, no chanting, no slogans -- added a serious and somber visage to the marchers. Maintaining that silence for the hours that it took to complete the route forced everyone to be in the moment, to reflect on the gravity of Black Lives and what it means to be in this United States of America at this time. I could feel that gravity in my focus throughout. It was an experience I'll never forget.

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