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Images from SPD's July 1 Shutdown of CHOP

I was working that morning on an assignment with Real Change vendors who were returning to the Pioneer Square office to get their papers to sell. Real Change had gone digital starting with the April 1 edition. The vendors had had nothing to sell in nearly ten weeks. This return to a sense of normalcy for the vendors and for the newspaper staff was a big deal.

As I was finishing up, Ashley Archibald, the Real Change reporter on the article I was helping with, asked me to join her at CHOP to see what we could see. We didn't have high expectations, since the police had moved in early that morning and disbanded the occupation. The police had also set up a perimeter around the entire occupation zone, preventing anyone from entering. But we went.

When I arrived at 12th & Pike around 11AM, the police perimeter was still very much in effect. At each police line along the perimeter there was a group of onlookers, reporters, and a smattering of protesters. In the time that I was at the site, the interactions between the protesters and police were mostly unremarkable. Though the general anxiety level at the Broadway and Pine police line was definitely on the rise.

Long after I had left, police and protesters clashed at at that line, police using chemical irritants and making more arrests. Over the next few days, clashes between the police and protesters didn't stop.

After some cajoling, an officer gave me permission to gain access to take some shots inside perimeter. But by then the occupants had been cleared out of the area -- many of them arrested -- and all that remained were the police and clean-up crews. I was limited to the short primes that I had with me for the vendor article, so most of the inner CHOP activity was beyond my reach.

So I focused on what I could in the time I was there, from about 11AM and 1PM on July 1.

More or less chronologically:

An onlooker says a silent prayer as protester Klarisse L. engaes with the police at 12th & Pike.
Protester Klarisse L. continues to engage with Seattle police at the 12th & Pike police line following the CHOP closure.
The body suit of a Seattle police officer at a police line during the CHOP closure on July 1.

One of the many pieces of heavy equipment used to close CHOP down.
City workders mark the sidewalks for repair work outside of the Seattle Police Department's 12th Ave Precinct.
After helping to end the occupation at CHOP, two police officers stand next to a poster referencing Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police in her Louisville apartment on March 13.
An emtpy Cal Anderson park, a few hours after the city emptied the field of shleters occupied by protesters.

The Black Lives Matter mural on Pine Street, protected by street cones.
Two CHOP occupants approach police at a perimeter point trying to retrieve their belongings inside the park.
Outside a police perimeter at 12th & Pike on July 1, where protesters and police would clash later that evening.
A street performer outside the 12th & PIke police line on July 1, shortly after CHOP was shut down.
By 1PM on the day the occupation was taken over by the police, a crowd of protesters was beginning to form at 12th & Pike.

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