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Details from the Street

An ex-girlfriend of mine once told me -- of her experience being pregnant -- that once you're pregnant, you suddenly notice how many other pregnant women there are in the world.

I can't speak on behalf of the pregnancy experience, but in a similar vein I can say that once you put a camera around your neck, you suddenly notice all the details around you that you had not previously paid attention to.

Like this building. A business called "Detail"? Really? And why the half-painted parking strip? And what about the awkward attempt at symmetry? It's like a face that's suffered a stroke. Half of it works. It's what makes this picture -- of the thousands of images I've captured since I bought my first camera in late 2017 -- one of my favorites.

I must have driven past this shop at least 1500 times over the past decade, and it wasn't until I walked Aurora Avenue -- the north-south corridor of massage parlors, weed stores, tire shops, and some of the greatest food in Seattle that divides Seattle in half and where the shop is located -- that I noticed it.

This image is a reminder to me of what shooting the streets is all about: details. Capturing the particulars of life along the streets, and the moments that pass by every second, that I would have otherwise ignored by in my camera-less commutes.

Technically I've got a lot to learn about photography. But what I hope to bring to words are the experiences I've had and will continue to have in my learning.

This is what I do: I walk the streets with my camera, trying to improve my photography a little it every day, by capturing details like this, and sharing them here.

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