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Covid-19 & The Evolution of Walking in 10 Photographs

Downtown Cleveland, 2017

One of my earliest favorite street shots is this one, taken one early Sunday morning in 2017 in downtown Cleveland. At the time it was an unremarkable shot -- friends, or more likely colleagues in town for a convention -- getting their early morning caffeine fix together.

I've since taken many similar shots -- a lunch-break walk a few blocks from my office in downtown Seattle:

Belltown Seattle, April 2019

One of my hip shots, which have horribly low "success rates" as far as their quality is concerned, resulted in one of my several "mistakes" that I like:

SoDo District, Seattle. October 2019

Again, if you ignore the out-of-focus, over-exposed technical issues, this is an unremarkable shot: Men and women walking together in the city.

Covid-19 has changed what comes out of my camera. My street shots are now variations of a theme:

Belltown, Seattle. March 2020.

Empty streets, solo walkers.

Pike Place Market, Seattle. April 2020.

Aurora Avenue, North Seattle. April 2020.

The most difficult images for me to view are the ones from downtown Seattle in the days following the Shelter at Home order in mid-March. Overnight, businesses shut down, offices closed, services stopped, foot traffic disappeared. Those who remained were alone.

Pioneer Square, Seattle. March 2020.
Pioneer Square Seattle, April 2020.

First Hill, Seattle. April 2020.

There is no "new normal" yet. We're still sheltering at home, but in my walkabouts I am seeing foot traffic starting to increase. Occasionally I can capture a group walk, just like the good old days of...three months ago.

Ballard Seattle. April 2020.

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