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Charlene Lyles Remembrance - June 18

On June 18, 2017, police shot and killed Charlene Lyles in her north Seattle home. She had been the one to call the police to report a burglary. The two male police officers who shot her say she lunged at them with a knife. She weighed around 100 pounds. She was a mother of 3 and pregnant with her fourth. She had a recorded history of mental illness. She was shot seven times by the two officers. Two of the shots were in her back. To this day the police had not yet initiated an inquest into the shooting. As a result, there is no independent account of the kiling.

For more images from the event, please view my Charlene Lyles Remembrance album.

The third anniversary of her killing brought hundreds of family members and supporters to Magnuson Park, which abuts the apartment building where Charlene lived with her children.

Like the We Want to Live rally and march, the event was filled with families and young children. Several young children joined the event and held up signs to protest the killing. The family continues to call for the county to start the inquest.

Although there was much to protest about, and lots of important information about the killing and inquest that was shared, the tone of the event was more "rememberance" than "protest." The images I captured seemed to convey that somber aspect.

As I did in all the events, I spent a fair time walking through the crowd capturing its many faces and stories.

A contingent of family members who have lost loved ones to police violence flew to Seattle to join the gathering.

And it was definitely the most "socially distanced" event I had covered that week.

Events related to Black Lives Matter and policing continued -- especially around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) -- but this was the last of the events that I personally covered. It was powerful three weeks of activity that gave me the feel that we in Seattle -- and in this nation -- were in the midst of a transformative and historical moment.

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