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Accordion, Pressure Washer & Cigar

This past week, after nearly two months of shooting mostly protest-related events and otherwise being at home with my family, I was finally able to get back to my daily walkabout routine. I spent the early morning hours each of the past three mornings in Seattle's Pioneer Square, International District, and waterfront areas, snapping at whatever captured my eye. The protest work of course is important and necessary. This work is more relaxing and mindful.

This accordionist was on her break at Nordo Cafe, a dinner-theater in the Pioneer Square area, practicing in the window. She was playing to an empty table that was set for two. Her hat, mask and accordion were priceless to my eye.

The theater part of the business is shut down, and I was only able to capture a few minutes of her playing before she had to return to the kitchen. "We each do what we need to do to keep going," she told me as she shuddered the windows.

I mentioned in my earlier night shots post that I've become a sucker for power washers. With the slow shutter speeds that night shooting requires, the mist caused by the spray can add soft, delicate lighting to what is in reality a pretty harsh and physical process. With a little luck, and a slow enough shutter, the effect can be similar during the day.

This guy was part of a crew pressure washing the side of one of the downtown shelters in Pioneer Square. The impact threw fragments of mortar, brick and grime all over me, and my cameras, as I shot. It was worth it for me.

I couldn't help but ask permission to capture this cigar. Barry was outside of his camping-out spot in the waterfront area, checking the news on his iPad and enjoying the last few inches of his cigar in the morning sun. He's been smoking cigars since he was 12. Cigar smokers are a rarity, so I could not pass this by.

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