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My studio is your studio

The Experience

My spacious Pioneer Square studio offers many options to personalize your session. We can play with traditional backdrops and lighting as well as my studio's soft, natural light. I can capture you at a table, on a couch, or against a mirror. We’ll explore the poses that bring out the authentic you. I keep my sessions to just a few per week to better focus on you, so please join me.

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The Story

Capturing people is my passion. For me, photography is a way to discover and preserve authentic moments in a face or in a gesture, so that I can help you present your authentic self to the world.

Let's capture something authentic and incredible

The Difference

My studio is my home away from home. When you join me in a session, you’ll be my honored guest. Twenty-years of running a business has taught me that creating great images not about the camera. It's about having great relationships. I want you to remember me not just by the photos I took, but also by the time you and I spent together taking them.

It's all about the relationship

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